Dunlop Revelation Storm Pop Tennis/Padel Paddle (T623101)

Dunlop Revelation Storm Pop Tennis/Padel Paddle (T623101)

Code: DunPadRevStorm



Dunlop Revelation Storm Pop Tennis/Padel Paddle

Used for Padel or POP Tennis. The blade paddle DUNLOP REVELATION STORM, was developed for advanced and professional players who demand the most from their paddle on every shot with a spectacular combination of power and control plus exceptional comfort. Exclusive hybrid oversize mold with a flat profile to expand the strike zone and SUPER FLEX core 38mm for maximum power.

  • Weight: 360 - 375grams / 12.7 - 13.2oz
  • Form: Oversized Round
  • Core: Super Flex 38mm
  • Comes with a full head cover
  • 100% Carbon
  • Dunlop Protection System Bumper


Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone features two silicone cylinders in sight at the base of the blade frame to enhance the absorption of vibrations for maximum comfort on every shot.

Power Bar and Protection system

Power Bar consisting of a guide inserted in the perimeter of the blade with gel inside. When you are in a defensive position, the blade moves much less and the gel remains closer to the fist, so the balance is lower and greater control. Conversely, when a stroke acceleration (trays, tops, snakes, etc.) the gel moves to the head of the blade, whereby the weight accumulates on top occurs, the balance increases power rises and in the beating.

Super Flex bridge

Super Flex Core ensures a huge power with excellent control.

100% Carbon.

Application of pure carbon in the base of the bat for greater solidity and superior control.