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Wilson 2017 Xcel Smart Paddle (WRT969800)

Wilson 2017 Xcel Smart Paddle (WRT969800)

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Wilson 2017 Xcel Smart

New Cosmetics for 2017. The Xcel Smart combines a smaller head size for maximum maneuverability with the Smart Foam density which allows for a more cushioned feel when needed.

  • Wilson Power Rating - 6
  • Wilson Control Rating - 7

If you're unsure about your model or weight...try our Platform/Paddle Tennis DEMO Program.

Weight (grams/ounces): Surface Area
370 / 13.1 84 sq in
Grip Size: Grip:
4 1/4 Only in Cushion Aire Perforated
Handle Length: Balance:
Core: Surface:
Smart Density Killer Grit
Length: Width:
Beam Viking/Wilson Power Rating
19.5 mm 5

Technologies used in this Paddle


Smart Density - Smart Density core allows for a more cushioned feel when needed.

No Grit Zone - Unparalleled comfort meets unmatched technology. Wilson Killer Grit Technology is a rough texture that's added to the paddle surface for extra bite. With No Grit Zone, this rough texture is removed from the bottom of the paddle leaving a smooth surface that keeps players from experiencing discomfort in their fingers.