Gearbox G11 Red Pickleball Paddle

Gearbox G11 Red Pickleball Paddle

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Gearbox G11 Red Pickleball Paddle

The G11 is one of the most technologically advanced paddles available today. It features Gearbox's Patent Pending Solid Span Technology. The G11 is crafted using hand laid, advanced composite materials giving it excellent durability and quality. The G11 provides a soft feel for touch shots at the kitchen while giving plenty of pop when needed for an overhead slam, poach, or shots from the baseline. This is an exceptional all around paddle. Its durable edgeless frame provides an extra large "sweet spot" improving shot accuracy.


  • 1 Year Warranty
  • USAPA Approved
  • Patent Pending Solid Span Technology
  • Composite Composition
  • Single Piece Molded Construction
  • Maximized "Sweet Spot"
  • Edgeless
  • No Delamination
  • No Honeycomb Core
  • No Soft Spots


Solid Span Technology uses a carbon fiber rib and chamber construction. The G11s structure is made of three internal structures that are integrated and molded into one. The first structure runs the perimeter of the paddle, like a super strong frame protecting the paddle's edge. The second structure is made of multiple chambers that run along the length of the paddle, providing rigidity to the face. The third structure is made of carbon fiber sheets placed on both the front and back of paddle face.

With this exciting new technology, Gearbox was able to successfully engineer a variety of key playability factors and customize the feel, touch and pop of this paddle.

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Weight: Handle Length
8.5 ounces 5 in
Core: Surface:
Solid Span Carbon/Glass Fiber
Length: Width:
15 15/16 in 8 in
Grip Size: Grip:
3 7/8 in Gearbox Wrap

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