Head 2018 Radical Elite Pickleball Paddle (226538)

Head 2018 Radical Elite Pickleball Paddle (226538)

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Head 2018 Radical Elite Pickleball Paddle

New Cosmetics for 2018. Perfect for a wide range of players, the Radical Elite has a thicker polymer honeycomb core and a smooth fiberglass surface for great power and playability.

Head made a "Radical" splash in the Pickleball market in 2017 with one the sharpest looking paddles on the market with arguably the best technology in a pickleball paddle in the game. The Radical series is back for 2018 with a new look, feel and you won't be disappointed so pick your weapon and hit the courts


  • OPTIMIZED TUBULAR CORE - HEAD engineers have optimized the Tubular Construction (OTC) of the polypropylene honeycomb core to create perfect playability, feel and sound suited for all levels of play
  • ERGO GRIP - HEAD's unique ergonomic foam handle provides added comfort and enhanced feel

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Weight: Handle Length
8.1 ounces 5 in
Core: Surface:
Polypropylene Honeycomb Fiberglass
Length: Width:
16 in 7 7/8 in
Grip Size: Grip:
4 1/4 in Soft Tac

Upgrade Your Pickleball Paddle Grip to a Python Rubber Grip for unbelievable comfort and control. They don't just look great on your paddle they will also last for the life of your paddle. Python rubber grips work best with a leather glove.

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