Pickle-Ball Inc PolyPro Tracer Blue Paddle

Pickle-Ball Inc PolyPro Tracer Blue Paddle

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Pickle-Ball Inc PolyPro Blue Tracer Paddle

The Poly Pro Tracer is built new from the ground up. With our all new polypropylene honeycomb core and lightweight flexible PVC edge-guard we've enhanced the durability and increased the most important performance characteristics. New component materials have allowed us to build a paddle that performs to the highest standards and will not develop soft or dead spots.

A more balanced weight distribution means consistent play and gives a lighter feel without sacrificing power or durability.

Thicker and stronger 1/2" polypropylene honeycomb core greatly increases sweet spot size providing reliable power on every shot and an even and predictable response.>/p>

Control and power on demand. Micro-textured fiberglass surface provides enhanced ball control and touch as well as increasing the ability to spin the ball for winning shots.

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Weight: Handle Length
7.4-7.7 ounces 5 in
Core: Surface:
Polymer Honeycomb Fiberglass
Length: Width:
15 1/2 in 7 3/4 in
Grip Size: Grip:
4 1/8 in Pickleball Inc

Upgrade Your Pickleball Paddle Grip to a Python Rubber Grip for unbelievable comfort and control. They don't just look great on your paddle they will also last for the life of your paddle. Python rubber grips work best with a leather glove.

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