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Viking OZ Prodigy GG Blue/White Paddle (7V097-891)

Viking OZ Prodigy GG Blue/White Paddle (7V097-891)

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Viking OZ Prodigy GG Blue/White

The lightest version within our entire line-up, the OZ Prodigy is last year's TT Pro Ultra, now part of the OZ family. A powerful paddle thatoffers that extra pop to players looking to generate more of their own pace without sacrificing feel and maneuverability. It features Viking's proprietary Triple Threat technology for enhanced stability on off-center shots, carbon mesh rim, new silencer dampener, and extra holes enhancements.

If you're unsure about your model or weight...try our Platform/Paddle Tennis DEMO Program.

Weight (grams/ounces): Surface Area
350 / 12.3 85 sq in
Grip Size: Grip:
4 1/4 in SuperSoft
Handle Length: Balance:
Standard Even
Core: Surface:
Low Grit
Length: Beam:
18 19 mm
Viking Power Rating


All 2018-19 models have an eye-catching matte finish, feature our GG (Grit Guard) area, and are made from our new performance hybrid material which offers:

  • Various degrees of stiffness/elasticity due to its hybrid nature.
  • High ductility and impact strength
  • Superior resistance under persistent force
  • Strong resistance to extreme temperatures
  • Water absorbent.

Each of our three families will continue to feature three different cores, ranging from stiffest (least give) to softest (most give), as follows:

  • Mid+: stiffest core, features in all Pro models
  • Mid: medium core, featured in all Lite models
  • Low: softest core, featured in all Prodigy models

Grit-Guard (GG)

A small, smooth plate above the handle on either side of the paddleface - minimizes players' direct contact with grit.

Extra Holes - (Prodigy models)

Extra holes up to the maximum allowable limit, provides more ball bite for extra spin and control while enhancing aerodynamics and reducing paddle weight for ultimate maneuverability.


After extensive testing, we equipped all of this year's models with the ideal size and density grit, which allows players to experience extreme durability and control under any weather conditions.

Vibration Dampener - (Prodigy models)

Soft Elastomeric material positioned in the throat area featured on all our Prodigy models absorbs shock on ball impact, reducing arm fatigue and injury.

Carbon Mesh

Strips of carbon mesh material located on the rim of the top of the paddle provides even more stiffness for greater power and extra protection. Now players can expect even more life from their paddle!

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