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Viking Ozone Prodigy Paddle (7V077-691)

Viking Ozone Prodigy Paddle (7V077-691)

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Viking Ozone Prodigy

At 10 grams (.4 oz) lighter than the O-Zone Lite, the O-Zone Prodigy returns to this years line-up and is the lightest model within the O-Zone family. Featuring Viking's proprietary Vibration dampener, the O-Zone Prodigy's lower weight is a result of its soft core density and the extra four holes enhancement. These factors result in enhanced power and optimal maneuverability, which make the O-Zone Prodigy particularly attractive to players with a slower swing speed.

If you're unsure about your model or weight...try our Platform/Paddle Tennis DEMO Program.

Weight (grams/ounces): Surface Area
355 / 12.5 82 sq in
Grip Size: Grip:
4 1/4 in Durasoft+
Handle Length: Balance:
Long Even
Core: Surface:
Low Grit
Length: Beam:
18 19 mm
Viking Power Rating



After extensive testing, Viking equipped all of this year's models with the ideal size and density grit, which allows players to experience extreme durability and control under any weather conditions.

Extra Holes

Extra holes up to the maximum allowable limit, provides more ball bite for extra spin and control while enhancing aerodynamics and reducing paddle weight for ultimate maneuverability

Viking Extra Holes

Silencer Vibration Dampener

Soft Elastomeric material positioned in the throat area of the paddle absorbs shock on ball impact, reducing arm fatigue and injury.

Viking Siliencer Dampner

Carbon Mesh

Strips of carbon mesh material located on the rim of the top of the paddle provides even more stiffness for greater power and extra protection. Now players can expect even more life from their paddle!

Triple Threat Technology

Triple Threat technology, a special woven graphite composite material at 10, 2 and 6 o'clock that provides extra stiffness and perimeter weighting in key locations on the paddle which improves power and stability on off center hits.

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