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Wilson Ultra Lite Black/Blue Platform Paddle (WRT971500)

Wilson Ultra Lite Black/Blue Platform Paddle (WRT971500)

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Wilson Ultra Lite Black/Blue

The Ultra Lite allows players to enjoy a larger sweet spot with the oversize head size along with all the benefits of a light weight paddle.

  • Bottle Opener on the Bottom of the Handle
  • Wilson Power Rating - 9
  • Wilson Control Rating - 5

If you're unsure about your model or weight...try our Platform/Paddle Tennis DEMO Program.

Weight (grams/ounces): Surface Area
360 / 12.7 91 sq in
Grip Size: Grip:
4 1/4 in Cushion Aire Perforated
Core: Surface:
Lite Density Killer Grit
Length: Beam:
18 21 mm
Wilson Power Rating Wilson Control Level
9 5

Lite Density Foam

The Lite Density foam offers the most responsive paddle shots with less weight. Better hits with less arm fatigue.

LH Technology

Looking for more spin? Wilson has maximized the hole size with a advanced hole drilling process which provides increased bite on all shots.

Killer Grit

Wilson tripled the amount of grit on the paddle surface of all of our paddles for increased control and feel of the ball. Extra Bite.

No Grit Zone

Unparalleled comfort meets unmatched technology. Wilson Killer Grit Technology is a rough texture that's added to the paddle surface for extra bite. With the No Grit Zone, this rough texture is removed from the bottom of the paddle leaving a smooth surface that keeps players from experiencing discomfort in their fingers.

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