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A1 Aero Kevlar Paddleball Paddle (AK1)
    A1 Aero Kevlar Paddleball Paddle (AK1)
    Purchase A1 Aero Kevlar Paddleball Paddle (AK1)

    The Aero Series is the newest collection to the A-1 paddle family. A-1's three new models were very carefully specked out and designed. They all feature our exclusive hole pattern allowing for greater air flow while maximizing its power. The AERO models were all made using A-1's exclusive mold. One of the things that sets the AERO models apart from all others is they are all 22mm, the thickest paddles A-1 has ever made. This allows for incredible power while hitting, but still maintain a light paddle.

    Each paddle is perfectly balanced which allows for exceptional control and power. The handles were made on the smaller side which allows each player to uniquely build up the handle to their liking although most players prefer A-1's standard grip. All A-1 AERO models are perfect for either “small ball” or “big blue”. After over 15 years of manufacturing paddles we believe A-1 has captured all of the characteristics of their greatest components into the AERO series.

    The most common question players have is "what is the difference between each model"? The EVA core A-1 uses is the same on each model. It’s a medium density in lamen terms. However, each paddle hits slightly different due the the face material used. Kevlar is the stiffest material and probably has the hardest hit. They are incredibly difficult to drill the hole patterns in. In fact, so difficult A-1's factory has advised them they will no longer make Kevlar paddles so this is the last batch. On the other end of the spectrum is the 3K Silver Metallic which is softer material. This will offer you a bit more control and might be best for “big blue” although all the models will be excellent using any ball. The Black 3K Carbon Fibre falls right in the middle. This one will offer an excellent hit while still offering maximum control.

    Another common question is" what determines the price difference between each model"? The short answer is the “face material”. When A-1 identifies a paddle as a Kevlar paddle, rest assure the ENTIRE face of the paddle is Kevlar, unlike other companies that paint a kevlar pattern. The same goes for 3K Carbon Fibre and 3K Metallic Silver. The “1” in the A-1 logo in the center of each paddle is actually a “transparent window” showing the face material used. Scratch away the paint in any area of the paddle and you will see the same face material seen in the transparent window. This holds true to ALL A-1 paddles.

    A-1 paddles are known for lasting! That is largely because the face material used is not just covering a portion of the face. It is the entire face!

    • Face Material: Full Kevlar Face w/ Medium Texture
    • Core: Medium Density EVA
    • Weight: 325g / 11.5oz
    • Size: 210mmx432mm / 8.25"x17"
    • Thickness: 22mm

    Try a leather pickleball/racquetball glove to improve your grip and eliminate slippage.

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