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Head Graphene 360+ Delta Hybrid  w/CB (228100) Pop Tennis/Padel Paddle
    Head Graphene 360+ Delta Hybrid  w/CB (228100) Pop Tennis/Padel Paddle
    Purchase Head Graphene 360+ Delta Hybrid w/CB (228100) Pop Tennis/Padel Paddle
    • SKU: HeadPadPopDeltaHybrCBG360Plus
      Head Graphene 360+ Delta Hybrid w/CB (228100) Pop Tennis/Padel Paddle

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    Head's New 2021 - 2022 Padel / POP Tennis paddle line DELTA Series features Head's Graphene 360+ technology with spiralfiber sections. Graphene 360+ optimizes energy transfer while the spiral fibers enhance the flex of the paddle for a clean feel at impact.

    The DELTA Series is the "Ultimate Power" series, overpower your opponents with the Delta series. With their large sweetspot and HEAD's Graphene 360+ technology, these are state-of-the-art, super-powered racquets. Tailored Tube Technology

    The Delta Hybrid is the latest innovation from HEAD. This model is more comfortable, manageable and powerful than its predecessor, thanks to the Graphene 360+ in the frame for limitless touch and power, and the new hybrid material in the face. It features Extreme Spin, a textured layer on the face for greater effectiveness in your game. Try this incredible racquet in black, anthracite and orange and feel how it and your arm become one. This much power should be illegal!

    Technology in this paddle

    • Graphene 360+ - Combination of Head Graphene 360 Technology & Spiralfibers Technology
    • Extreme Spin - Extreme spin is a rough surface with circular shape that multiplies the extreme spin on the ball.
    • Smart Bridge - Every single racquets has its own DNA. Some will feature control and precision, other power or comfort. For this reason, HEAD has developed the Smart Bridge to adapt the bridge area to the needs of each paddle.
    • Optimized Sweet Spot - The identity of every paddle is unique; some are characterized by control and precision, others by power or spin. For this, HEAD has developed the Optimized Sweet Spot in order to adapt every drilling pattern to the particularities of each paddle.
    • Tailored Frame - Every tube section is individually constructed to achieve the best performance for each paddle.
    • Anti Shock - Special polymer foil made to increase the durability of the racquet to protect the paddle from bumps and scratches.

    Paddle Specs

    • Head Size: 475 sq cm / 74 sq in
    • Core: Power Foam - Power foam is the perfect ally for maximum power. The speed your ball will reach will surprise your opponents as much as yourself.
    • Shape: - Diamond
    • Weight: - 375 g / 13.2 oz
    • Balance: - 270.0 mm
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