Dunlop Blitz Graphite Soft 2.0 Pop Tennis/Padel Paddle (623775)

Dunlop Blitz Graphite Soft 2.0 Pop Tennis/Padel Paddle (623775)

Code: DunPadBlitz



Dunlop Inferno Graphite 2.0 Pop Tennis/Padel Paddle

Used for Padel or POP Tennis. Serve up a storm.  Play like lightning, thanks to an oversize bat with a 38mm profile and an Ultra Soft core for comfort and power. The exceptional combination of power, control, comfort and durability make this bat ideal for you if you’re an advanced or regular player.

  • Weight: 360-375 grams / 12.69 - 13.23 oz
  • Thickness: 38 mm 
  • Balance: Even
  • Paddle Shape: Oversize
  • Core:Ultra Soft
  • Open Frame: Power to your game - Get superior power on your attacking shots. A specific mould design with openings in both arms of the bat, gives you improved aerodynamics and greater frame stiffness.
  • V Holes: Hit more winners - Dunlop’s unique 'v' hole pattern is designed to offer maximum grip on the ball in attacking shots. So you get greater ball control to hit more penetrating winners.
  • DPS (Dunlop Protective System: Keep your bat in the game - Protect your bat from contact with the walls and floor of the court with transparent protection tape applied to the frame.
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