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Pro Kennex Pro Spin (Blue/Yellow) Pickleball Paddle (PKL-30181)
    Pro Kennex Pro Spin (Blue/Yellow) Pickleball Paddle (PKL-30181)
    Purchase Pro Kennex Pro Spin (Blue/Yellow) Pickleball Paddle (PKL-30181)

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    Paddle Weight: 7.6 ounces

    Handle Length: 5.3 inches

    Paddle Core: Cloud Cell polymer core

    Paddle Surface: Carbon with Webspun

    Paddle Length: 15.67 inches

    Paddle Width: 7.6 inches

    Grip Size: 4 inches

    Grip: Comfort Cushion

    The New Pro Kennex Ovation and Pro Spin Pickleball Paddles incorporate Pro Kennex's new break-through innovations which are sure to maintain Pro Kennex’s place at the cutting edge of paddle performance. The Spin Series will feature a new, proprietary “string” design that works with our new coating compound to deliver 3 way spin access in a single design. This innovative breakthrough also improves dwell time while dissipating the shock pulse by distributing its energy over a larger surface area.

    The visual "strings" running vertically on the paddle face enhance access to spin when paddle acceleration compresses the ball. At the same time, a material compound coating that we call Webspun, delivers both grit (for kitchen play) and tac (for cut shots), leaving you with spin potential on every shot and in every situation.

    The Pro Kennex PRO Spin Pickleball Paddle features an industry and first ever, "3 Way Access To Spin." The paddle is a brilliantly designed single-piece paddle with a graphite inlay, making it virtually indestructible while the Kinetic system reduces shock by 43% and vibration by 23%, helping eliminate the epidemic of arm injury and strain in Pickleball.

    1. A Starett Legal textured surface
    2. Textured surface embedded into a non-slip surface applicant
    3. 23 strings submerged beneath the surface

    Pro Kennex's three-prong approach to accessing spin allows players to activate ball rotation from our textured surface and non-slip applicant in their short game while engaging the strings during groundstrokes, serves and returns for maximum spin.

    The Pro Spin is a brilliantly designed single-piece paddle with a graphite inlay, making it virtually indestructible.

    • Core Thickness: .43in (10.92mm)

    Pickleball players are always looking for new and unique ways to activate spin, especially those transitioning from tennis.

    The Spin series allows players to activate ball rotation in the kitchen and their drop game through an innovative textured surface and non-slip applicant. For groundstrokes, serves and returns the strings activate to add unrelenting spin.

    The patented Air-o-Guard replaceable edge guard is designed with the highest aerodynamic standards to keep your paddle’s edge protected for life.


    ProKennex Kinetic Energy technology was thoughtfully developed specifically to prevent arm and elbow injuries.

    Utilizing a highly sensitive timing system with internal tungsten-filled chambers that reduce vibration and focus energy more efficiently, the ProKennex Kinetic Energy technology protects players from harmful impact forces and creates the most efficient energy transfer from paddle to ball.

    The micro-tungsten beads are embedded in the paddle’s perimeter, absorbing impact vibration before it has a chance to travel from the paddle up your arm and into the soft tissues in your joints.

    An independent study by MIT Labs found that the ProKennex’s Kinetic system reduced vibration by 43% causing significantly less damage to the arm.

    Upgrade Your Pickleball Paddle Grip to a Python Rubber Grip for unbelievable comfort and control. They don't just look great on your paddle they will also last for the life of your paddle. Python rubber grips work best with a leather pickleball glove.

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