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Slam Master Pro Graphite Practice/Training Pickleball Paddle
    Slam Master Pro Graphite Practice/Training Pickleball Paddle
    Purchase Slam Master Pro Graphite Practice/Training Pickleball Paddle

    The Slam Master Pickleball Practice Paddle. Improve your Speed, Strength, Stamina. Develop better hand / eye coordination. Practice dinking, backhand, forehand, volley, lobs, slams all by YOURSELF. When a partner is not around to sharpen your skills - Slam Master is the solution!

    Designed to allow you to practice Pickleball anywhere anytime, and can be used by players of all abilities. Learn how to get that perfect hit, or even just mess around in the driveway with your family. The best part, you can even practice without a Pickleball partner! You don't need a Pickleball court to improve your game. Everyone is able to exercise and have fun using the Slam Master Pickleball Practice/Trainer Paddle.


    • Patent Pending #61074993
    • Weight: Approx. 7.3 ounce
    • Grip Size: 4 5/8" circumference


    • Practice Serves, Lobs, Dinks & Volleys without a partner
    • Build Speed, Strength & Stamina
    • Dramatically Improve Hand/Eye Coordination
    • Develop Fast Hands & Beat Bangers
    • Perfectly Balance w/Professional Grip
    • Use to Warm-up Recreation & Tournament Play
    • Practice & Drill your Forehand, Backhand Drive Shots
    • Improve your level of play
    • Learn to play with your non-dominant hand
    • Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Professional Players can all improve their games with the Slam Master
    • Includes Premium Slam Master Pickleball ball
    • Works well with Indoor or Outdoor Balls
    • Ages 10 – Adults
    • Full 1 Year Replacement Guarantee through the manufacturere
    6x Triple Crown Winner SCOTT MOORE on the Slam Master Pro Practice/Training/Drill Paddle
    6x Triple Crown Winner SCOTT MOORE endorses the Slam Master training paddle. Great for eye/hand coordination. Rick Barry "it makes you follow the ball into the paddle." Collin Johns "I think the Slam Master works." I've seen the videos. Tried it. Best pickleball purchase I ever made. Improved my pickleball game hands down.
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