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One Wall Paddleball is an American ball game that consists in hitting a small rubber ball against a single wall by using paddles. It can be played in singles (1 versus 1) or in doubles (2 versus 2). The general rule of the game is that the ball must hit the wall without touching the court floor more than once in order to be a valid rally.

Four-wall paddleball, or simply "paddleball" is a popular court sport. Paddleball can be played with two players (singles), three players (cut throat), or four players (doubles). The rules of paddleball are very similar to indoor racquetball and the two sports are played on the same 40 foot by 20 foot court. The most significant differences between paddleball and racquetball are:Paddleball players play with a solid paddle rather than a strung racquet, a paddleball is slower (and slightly larger) than a racquetball, paddleball games are played to 21 points instead of 15 or 11 as in racquetball.

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Platform Tennis

Platform Tennis is played on an elevated aluminum deck 1/4 the size of a court is surrounded by a 12' high superstructure with taut, 16-gauge "chicken wire" fencing which allows play off the walls, as in racquetball and squash. The base of a platform tennis court is usually enclosed, allowing for a heating system beneath the deck (propane, natural gas or kerosene.) The heating system melts ice off the aggregate deck surface, allowing athletes to play outdoors in all weather conditions. Platform tennis paddles are made of a composite material with aerodynamic holes drilled in the head. Paddles are approximately 18" long. The spongy, rubber ball measures 2.5" in diameter. A flocking material on its exterior.

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Paddle Tennis

Paddle tennis is a game adapted from tennis and played for over a century. Compared to tennis, the court is smaller and has no doubles lanes, and the net is lower. Paddle tennis is played with a solid paddle as opposed to a strung racquet, and a depressurized tennis ball is used along with an underhand serve. The same court is used for both singles and doubles, with doubles being the dominant form of play. The smaller court size adds a strong emphasis and advantage to net play and creates a fast and reaction-based game.

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Padel is typically played in doubles on an enclosed court about half the size of a tennis court. The balls used and the scoring is the same as normal tennis,just with a little less pressure, and so the biggest difference is that the court has walls and the balls can be played off them in a similar way as in the game of squash.

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Beach Tennis

Beach Tennis is like regular tennis except it's played on a regulation beach volleyball court. Using beach tennis paddles, two players on each team volley back and forth, hitting a slightly depressurized tennis ball directly over the net without letting it bounce. Your team scores a point each time your opponents hit the ball outside the lines or let it hit the sand.

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Pickleball is a fast growing paddle sport that is played on both indoor and outdoor courts. The court is basically a badminton court with a lower net and a no volley line. The ball is a plastic whiffle ball ( outdoor and indoor balls). It is a very popular game in senior communities.

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