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Paddle Sports RULES

There are five (6) main paddle sports. Pickleball, platform tennis, paddle tennis, paddleball, pop tennis and padel. Pickleball has been around for decades but its popularity has been exploding across the United States over the last few years. Much of its popularity is due to being a sport for all ages, both young and old enjoy the sport equally. Platform tennis is played primarily in the winter months, outdoors, on a court that is one-quarter the size of a standard tennis court and surrounded by a twelve-foot high screen. Platform combines many of the features of regular tennis (the net and the scoring), and squash (playing off the screens / walls). Paddle tennis utilizes a court one-third the size of a tennis court and an unpressurized tennis ball. An underhand serve is a requirement. Paddleball in simplistic terms is handball with a paddle, the One Wall version is played outdoors while the Four Wall version is played indoors on a racquetball court. Padel, the largest of the paddle sports, is primarily played in South America, Spain, and Portugal. Much like platform tennis, it has a clear acrylic wall surrounding the court that is an integral part of the play.

Platform Tennis Rules

Paddle Tennis Rules

POP Tennis Rules

One Wall Paddleball Rules

Four Wall Paddleball Rules

Padel Rules

Pickleball Rules

Beach Tennis Rules


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