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Wilson TRU 32 Yellow Pickleball
    Wilson TRU 32 Yellow Pickleball
    Purchase Wilson TRU 32 Yellow Pickleball

    Wilson's TRU32 Pickleballs set a new standard for true pickleball performance thanks to two defining characteristics: hole pattern and composition. Featuring a patented 32-hole design with even distribution, this ball rotates evenly on any axis for superior flight and bounce consistency. To mitigate the limited durability of injection-molded balls, TRU32 comprises an innovative proprietary formula that impressively extends the court life of the ball. Made in the USA and approved by the USAPA for competitive play, TRU32 introduces new possibilities to injection-molded pickleball performance.

    Leveraging past experiences and materials from balls across many sports, the WILSON TRU 32 composition showed promise for significant performance durability. Wilson's engineers conducted lab tests to test the hypotheis by measuring the average performance of balls in 3 phases: right out of the box, after 1 hour of play and after a 24 hour cool down.... the results were impressive. Wilson spent a lot of time testing and tweaking the composition and eventually landed on a proprietary formula that limits rebound decay and helps maintain a crisp feel off the paddle well into matches.

    Wilson aim was to take the best attributes of each ball type and combine them for the truest performance fram start to finish, but in a totally new way. Wilson needed a wildcard that would make thier ball the most prefered ball in the game. They discovered that flight consistency unlocked the door to a ball with incredible potential. Wilson started to investigate the hole pattern on pickleballs with that goal of improving the balls flight characteristics, this led to the idea of 32 equally-spaced holes.. their wildcard.

    Most pickleball players favor a slightly rougher ball texture over a smooth, shiny finishout of the box. These textured finishes give players better ball feel and requires less time to acclimate. As a Wilson TRU32 ball moves through a match, its surface acquires a desirable "fuzz" that further improves the surface characteristics so players get more spin, speed, and finesse.

    • 1 Ball
    • Patented 32-hole injection-molded pickleball
    • Consistent hole distribution pattern delivers unparalleled flight and bounce consistency
    • Unique composition amplifies durability
    • Rough and ready finish for excellent feel
    • Neon chartreuse color for easy tracking
    • Approved by USAPA for competitive play
    • Ideal for play on outdoor courts
    • Made in USA
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