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Head Renegade Pickleball Glove (PAIR)
    Head Renegade Pickleball Glove (PAIR)
    Purchase Head Renegade Pickleball Glove (PAIR)

    Purchase a Pair and save 10%.

    • Premium textured leather with ultra-soft treatment provides enhanced durability with long lasting performance and comfort
    • High performance COOLTECH - Spandex for maximum circulation, cooling and comfortable fit
    • COOLTECH - Microfiber COOLMESH for maximum breathability and cooling
    • Leather and padded dive pads for added protection and durability

    Pickleballgalaxy has always felt a glove will help enhance your game in terms of grip, control and maneuverability of the paddle. With the unfortunate emergence of Covid 19 now more than ever might be your reason to try using gloves during play. We have seen an explosion of orders from players that have ordered a left and right hand glove of the same style in the same size. The reason they are doing this is to stop the spread of germs. One glove is for picking up the ball and the other is for holding the grip. As a result of this new trend we have to decided to offer discounted 2 packs when you buy a glove for each hand on select gloves.

    We know many of you have arrived on the pickleball court coming from different racquet sports. Those players coming from racquetball will have the easiest transition to using a glove . For those players coming from Tennis or Squash give it a try and you might be pleasantly surprised on how much better your game improves.

    For maximum grip on your pickleball paddle try out a python rubber grip and a glove. This will be the best possible combination in pickleball to keep your glove sticking to the paddle even in the hottest conditions. If you do install python rubber grip at the time of purchase with us or at your home you have to play with a glove as the grip is rubber and you can’t hold the rubber with your bare hand.

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