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What is [K]?

The [K] represents the four proprietary Wilson Technologies which result in enhanced [K]ontrol

What is Factor?

By defination, "Factor represents anything that actively contributes to the production of a result

What is [K] Factor?

Wilson [K] Factor combines the next generation in nanotechnology and unique frame engineering innovations, that result in the ultimate line of [K]ontrol paddles for all player types. It consists of 4 [K]ey Technologies: [K]ore Foam, [K]ustom Zone, [K]ontour Rim and Smart Density.


[K]ore Foam

Smart Density nanofoam used in the paddle [K]ore has been taken to the next level using [K]arophite Black. This nanoscopic level material helps [K]ontrol the voids in th efoam providing a more stable hit all around.

Kore Foam

[K]ustom Zone

A new paddle design offers larger hitting surface increasing the size of the sweet spot.

Kustom Zone

[K]ontour Rim

A new engineering rim enhances the stiffness for improved stability and [K]ontrol. Smooth paddle edges can increase pressure drag by increasing the size of the wake. Similar to dimples on a golf ball, the [K]ontoured rim reduces pressure drag by reducing the wake.

Kontour Rim

Smart Density

Smart Density utilizes two distinct EVA foam densities in one paddle. Smart Density occurs when the paddle responds to the speed of the hit on the paddle face. Your swing and impact can generate more power as Smart Density responds. The Smart Density core allows for a more cushioned fell when needed.

Smart Density

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