Wilson Drone Power Lite Pop Tennis Paddle (WRT951500)

Wilson Drone Power Lite Pop Tennis Paddle (WRT951500)

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Wilson Drone Power Lite Pop Tennis/Padel Paddle

Wilson Drone Power Lite, is an innovative and lightweight paddle that offers good performance and elevated power. Adapt for players looking for control to perfect their game.

Technologies Used in this Paddle

PADEL GUARD - Transparent aerodynamic tape for added protection and durability play.

CONCENTRIC IMPACT ZONE - New hole distribution and size providing better control and feel off the face of the paddle

SHARP HOLE TECHNOLOGY - Advanced hole drilling process provides increased bite on all hits

CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY - Fully composite outer rim construction featuring Basalt Fibers for added padel strength, and soft feel on every shot

CORE FOAM - Smart density foam provides a more stable performance while retaining a very soft feel