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Babolat Technical Veron (Juan Lebron) Padel Paddle (150151-100)
    Babolat Technical Veron (Juan Lebron) Padel Paddle (150151-100)
    Purchase Babolat Technical Veron (Juan Lebron) Padel Paddle (150151-100)

    Agile, compassionate, spectacular. Those are the adjectives that describe the "Wolf"

    "This racquet is the result of a collaboration with Juan Lebrón. If you're a technical attacker who wants to control the game and use your technique and strength to make every stroke count, this is your racquet. To perfectly meet the needs of these players, we have developed the Technical Vertuo Juan Lebrón to provide easy power and precision on the attacking shots. You'll also be playing in the colors of the best player in the world!Team BABOLAT pro players may play with a customized or different model than the equipment depicted.

    • Weight: 365g +/- 10g
    • Thickness: 38 mm
    • Balance: Even - 270mm
    • Frame: Carbon
    • Surface: Fiberglass
    • Core: EVA
    • NO COVER
    • Player Typology: Technical Striker


    • DYNAMIC POWER: Do you want to play with a carbon racquet, but have always found it too hard? Until now, have you been unable to optimize the explosiveness of carbon? To help you, we have developed this racquet with our unique CARBON FLEX technology. Get ready to experience something completely revolutionary — dynamic power. Now, you too can benefit from the power of carbon and the flexibility of fiberglass.
    • PRECISION: Playing comfort is a key benefit to look for when choosing a racquet. To make sure that you'll be able to play as often as you want, we have designed this racquet with soft materials and a light weight to reduce arm fatigue and to provide you with more comfort and resistance.
    • COMFORT: Padel is above all a game that you should be able to play without any apprehension. We know that racquet's stiffness can cause discomfort for some player's arm. This is why our R&D team worked to reduce risks of injury and came out with a new technology. The VIBRABSORB SYSTEM, Powered by SMAC, is made with an elastomer material integrated in the racquet's construction. Play safer with more comfort on each shot


    • SMART BUTTCAP: A versatile system that allows players to customize strap size or completely remove the wrist strap.
    • 3D SPIN+: Raised patterns on the racquet surface combined with a rough finishing allows you to hit with more spin and increases your control
    • CARBON FLEX: A weave of two different materials on the racquet surface amplifies their benefits: the explosive power of carbon combined with the easy power of fiberglass creates a flexible surface that brings you dynamic power.
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