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Court Size


  • 50′ Base line to base line
  • 44′ Service line to service line
  • 20′ Side line to side line
  • A basic court shall be 50 feet long and 20 feet wide.
  • There shall be a line 3 feet within the base line, known as the Service line.

Lines: Service Line: 22′ from net, 3′ in front of base line, 20′ wide with closed ends matching side lines, on each end of the court. Center Line: Longitudinally through center of court, from service line to service line. Restraint Line (Where Authorized): 12′ from the net, parallel to base line on each side of the net. Base Line: 3′ behind the service line, 20′ side with closed ends matching side lines, on each end of the court. General Requirements: (a) All lines shall be 2″ wide. (b) All dimensions shall be measured to outside of lines, except for center line. (c) Lines for doubles and singles are identical. Net Posts & Nets: The top of the net shall be exactly 31″ above the surface for the entire width of the court, pulled taut by a steel cable which shall pass over the tops of two posts which shall be 18″ outside each side line. There shall be no more than one inch allowable sag at center if there is no steel cable and ratchet. The net shall be 22′ long by 2'6″ wide. Net Construction (Recommended): Heavy cotton, tarred, or "Deluxe braided polyethylene" similar to Gold Medal Paddle Tennis Net; Douglas Net, and Carron Net with steel cable. Fence:

  • Height: Minimum of 10′ high
  • Length & Width: 40′ wide x 80′ long.

Court Surfaces (The same as for conventional tennis courts):

  • Composition: Textured acrylic finish, similar but not limited to Plexipave, Laycold, Kemiko, Play-On, etc.; also Clay, Har-Tru, Omni-Turf and Mod-Sod.
  • Color (Suggested): Hard court playing surface to be green or light-blue; side and rear areas to fencing to be Terra-cotta.
  • Lighting: (1) Height: Pole mounted lighting fixtures to be not less than 20′ high. (2) Brightness: 30 footcandles reading at court surface evenly distributed. (Recommended)
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