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A padel court is 20m long by 10m wide, with 3m high walls of concrete blocks or toughened glass at the ends. The walls extend from the back corners to 4m down the length, 3m high for the first 2m and 2m high for the next 2m. The remainder of the court is made of strong metal fencing to a height of 4m.

All lines are 50mm wide. The service line is 3m from the back walls. The net is 10m wide and is 0.88m high at the centre and 0.92m high at the two net posts which need to be round or square with rounded corners for safety.

The mesh of the metal fence must be 50mm to 70.8mm across the square diagonals, with wire from 1.6mm to 4mm diameter. This must be in line with the wall playing surfaces and the metal threads to the inside of the court, need to be parallel to the playing surface. The fence must not have any sharp edges that could injure the players and it must be tight enough to ensure a true bounce for the ball.

The courts can be indoor or outdoor. The minimum internal roof height for indoor courts is 6m. Lights for indoor and outdoor courts also have to be a minimum of 6m from the court surface.

The playing surface for indoor and outdoor padel courts can be tarmac, concrete or artificial grass and permitted colours are: green, blue or terracotta. If artificial grass is used it has partial sand infill for indoor courts and full sand infill for outdoor courts. The full sand infill provides good ball bounce characteristics and it is easier on players joints, muscles and tendons.

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