Onix Summit Blue Pickleball Paddle

Onix Summit Blue Pickleball Paddle

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Onix Summit Graphite Blue Pickleball Paddle

The Onix Summit is a radically new pickleball paddle that features an elongated hitting surface paired with a shortened handle, offering players a new way to grip their paddle. Designed with a table tennis handle and lengthened playing surface, the Onix Summit Pickleball Paddle allows players to grip the under-side of the paddle, providing longer reach, better control, and more spin on the ball than ever before. The Onix Summit paddle meets USAPA specifications for tournament play.


    Provides balanced performance of touch, power and pop

    Polypropylene Honeycomb Core

    Offers light-weight characteristics for added speed, pop, and maneuverability

    Graphite Face

    Balances power and speed for all-around performance


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Weight: Handle Length
8.0-8.4 ounces 4 in
Core: Surface:
Polymer Honeycomb Graphite
Length: Width:
16 3/8 in 7 1/2 in
Grip Size: Grip:
4 1/2 in Onix Perforated Cushion

Upgrade Your Pickleball Paddle Grip to a Python Rubber Grip for unbelievable comfort and control. They don't just look great on your paddle they will also last for the life of your paddle. Python rubber grips work best with a leather glove.

Onix summit Blue Pickleball paddle
Love this paddle.I have small hands so this paddle handle fits just right in my hand and the length gives me the advantage as well .I have several Pickleball friends that use this paddle and love it too
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