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About Viking Platform Tennis

Viking has enjoyed the longest and most successful heritage of grass roots promotions and game changing product introductions in platform tennis. Capitalizing on the growing popularity of platform tennis in the mid 1990's, Viking founder David Kjeldsen brought much needed product stability and new programs to the sport.

Today, Viking is recognized as one of the leaders in the sport and David continues to play an active role in working with the Viking team to drive the growth of the sport and develop new product innovations that make the game more enjoyable to play.

All of Viking's 2023 Valknut line-up of paddles feature their new CFS2 technology. Viking's "Carbon Fiber Stability System"(CFS2) technology is an optimal blend of control, power, maneuverability, with whippy feel for enhanced paddle head speed. The CFS2 softens the response at impact and stability and maneuverability coexist seamlessly.

About Viking Platform Tennis Paddles

Viking Pro Models

Viking's Pro Models are the heaviest ones in each line-up and feature the hardest core (Mid +). The harder the core, the less far will the ball travel upon contact. Think of a hard core as the equivalent of a tight string tension for a tennis racquet. Many mistakenly think that a harder core offers "less power and more control" but that is not true. You don’t have "less power and more control" with a harder core paddle but rather the ball travels less upon contact because the tighter the core of the paddle, the less steep the angle at which the ball leaves the paddle is and it produces less of a slingshot effect of all of their models.

Viking Lite Models

Viking's Lite Models are lighter than the Pro models, heavier than the Prodigies, and have a Mid core. Slightly better maneuverability compared than the Pro models due to the lower weight. Medium slingshot effect upon contact.

Viking Prodigy Models

Viking's Prodigy Models are the lightest models within each paddle family. The best of Viking’s technologies all come together in the Prodigy models for unsurpassed maneuverability and stability. Each Prodigy model features extra holes up to the maximum allowable limit which provide more ball bite for extra spin and control while enhancing aerodynamics and reducing paddle weight for ultimate maneuverability. All come with standard vibration dampeners on the side to reduce vibration at contact. Made with a Soft core which produces the most slingshot effect of all of their models.

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